Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Iron

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For those who don’t like ‘2nd-day’ hair, an everyday drying session can be in total up to over five days of your life each year – and it is before you have even got the straightener out.

Here you will find a Dyson Supersonic hair dryer review which will help you to understand if it is a good option for you or not. The Dyson Supersonic hairdryer promises to decrease that time and possibly even change the curling irons – yet, with the price of ₤300 it’s not specifically a snap-decision buy, so we are here with our top review to answer the question: is it worth the cash?

Firstly, we’ll try to figure out what do you get for your cash?

The Dyson Supersonic comes boxed up together with a variety of nicely packaged accessories including a heated floor covering, a hanging hook as well as 3 attachments:

  1. A diffuser that controls, softens and diffuses the airflow is perfect for accelerating air drying out or maximizing your natural swirls by avoiding frizz
  2. The smoothing nozzle allows you to harsh completely dry with fingers but keeps a smooth surface by regulating airflow – much less rate, no unruly blast of air
  3. The styling concentrator is an extremely thin nozzle which jets the air in one instruction and also allows you to straighten the hair with a rounded brush

The attachments clip on magnetically, that makes switching very efficient.

On the dryer itself, there is a range of switches that permit you to increase the rate of warmth; three rate setups and 4 warm levels are represented with tiny lights – very glossy.

What’s also great about this hairdryer is that it has a long lead, so you can plug it right into uncomfortable locations and still get to the mirror.

Adding to the high-end bundle, Dyson has created a series of valuable (straightforward, informative, not naff) YouTube video clips on its channel Dyson Hair which suggest you on just how to use each accessory, which warmth and also air movement settings function best, and just how to get the most out of your natural hair with styling.

What makes the Dyson different from other items?

The Dyson Supersonic’s look sets it apart in more methods than one: the electric motor is in the handle instead of the head. This was a clever choice, given that this layout is normally what makes hair dryers so top-heavy and also causes arm ache. It’s lighter in general as well, which is obviously as a result of an extra portable motor.

Due to this positioning, priceless strands of hair are much less likely to be drawn into the follower – a tragedy recognized all too well by many females.

The only problem with this structure is that the typical movement of continuously rolling hairs between the brush and nozzle is interfered with. We located this disconcerting at first, but after seeing the guide videos, it became a great deal a lot more noticeable exactly how to make use of the dryer. And also, obviously, you can get used to everything. Regardless, the arm pains swap is well worth it.

The Dyson Supersonic additionally has a microprocessor constructed in which procedures and also manages air temperature level 20 times every second. This, in turn, aids to prevent severe warm damage. You’ll observe that there is no dreaded burning scent, even after long periods of use, and your hair will certainly look noticeably shiny.

Is it actually that quick?

Everyone who has actually evaluated this hairdryer has actually wondered out how quickly it is. And if you find Dyson Supersonic hair dryer reviews, you will discover that it is true.

We place it to the examination, timing it against another hairdryer. They both took 19 mins. Admittedly, the Dyson had the hair look professionally styled in this time, old dryer didn’t a lot.

The Dyson Supersonic doesn’t blow your hair around like a gale-force wind; the nozzles guide the air flow exactly to lead to an incredibly sleek coating, in less time than it would take a regular hairdryer.

After trying it post-haircut (with a significant eight inches chopped off), it was done in ten.

Is it actually that silent?

The issues some people used to obtain from their beloved ones before, throughout and also after blow drying the hair at nights might have been over the top, yet they most definitely prospered in putting them off the task.

Their boyfriends now say at just how much less disruptive the sound is – they can have also a conversation over the loud hum.

Maybe, people had hoped for something also quieter that might permit them to view Netflix simultaneously – the Dyson Supersonic is not so quiet to enjoy TV at the same time.

Nevertheless, there’s no refuting that the Dyson Supersonic has actually noted a substantial renovation in sound degrees and is possibly helping to harmonise houses around the globe … simply a thought.

How does it benefit your hair?

The greatest win for Dyson is not the sound though; it’s what it does to your hair. And, of course, the advantages are hard to neglect.

Several elegance brand names claim to have actually developed innovations to profit your hair or stop damage. Dyson’s offering is a microprocessor integrated in, which determines and manages air temperature 20 times every second. This consequently helps to prevent severe warmth damages as well as safeguard natural luster.

Some straighteners assert to do the same point, but we have actually never observed a significant amount of distinction. This hairdryer, nevertheless, is incredible. Some girls typically need 2 pumps of Moroccan oil to sooth its straw-like appearance and smooth hair, however, after utilizing the Dyson, nothing was required.

In addition to a regulating the temperature level, utilizing the smoothing nozzle actually aids to keep the hair follicles from being disrupted, guiding the hair shaft downwards and also locking in wetness.

What’s even more, we didn’t even need to make use of hair straighteners after that (an absolute crucial part of routine for every girl with curled hair) which conserved some time and the added damages done to the hair. In our Dyson Supersonic hair dryer review, this dryer is an absolute winner.


When you have actually utilized this hairdryer, you will not return. As well as we didn’t know rather just how true this was up until we utilized another hairdryer: when we returned back to our old dryer, hair looked frizzy, straw-like as well as it really felt ‘over dried’ without dampness left in any way. We quickly wished for the smooth strands developed by the Dyson.

From what we have reviewed throughout consumer evaluations, those with incredibly straight or level hair may not profit a lot from its high qualities (straight hair is currently extremely glossy due to the fact that the hair structure is smooth, it is harsh roots that hold a wave or curl).

However, if you have kinky hair that you intend to tame right into lush smooth locks, the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer will certainly change your life.

The Dyson does not come cheap but you can sometimes find Dyson Supersonic hair dryer sale. But if you’re looking to tick boxes and make life more convenient, it deserves every dime – especially for individuals who remain in a thrill, wish to combine straightening and also drying, and are in need of a much calmer existence without troubles. We hope our Dyson Supersonic hair dryer review helped you to understand that it is a good choice if you want to forget about a straightener.

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