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We are really stunned by the cooking performance of the Cosori air fryer. The speed and uniformity in which it provides food is mind boggling at times. We should admit that we were hesitant in the beginning, yet our issues have been reserved. So much so, that we really maintained it as well as utilize it to today. Who ‘d have thought a kitchen area appliance could make such a difference. You should definitely acquire one.

According to another user, the Cosori air fryer is absolutely cooking up a storm … and presently, they are Amazons finest selling air fryers. That is no mean task! Well done to Cosori.

So today, let’s take a better look at the Cosori air fryer 5.8 qt, is it the genuine deal or just advertising and marketing buzz. Considering that the majority of air fryers do the exact same point, what is it that makes this so preferred and also does it do anything in different ways? We will help you to find it out.

What is an air fryer and how do they work?

Before we begin this review, we believe it is essential that we all recognize what they are and also just how they work. If you already know how it works, of course miss in advance. We will be creating a longer post quickly for those of you that want more detail, let us give you a basic explanation for the time being.

Essentially, it is a contemporary take on the typical fryer. As opposed to sinking your food in oil, the air fryer does something extremely smart. You only require a little bit of oil and it does the rest om its own. It heats uniformly all round by blowing hot air around the pot extremely quickly. The food is preparing evenly due to the layout and also technique of cooking. It supplies you with the following advantages:

– The air fryer utilizes significantly much less oil

– You can currently fry utilizing premium quality oils

– Preserve nutrients by cooking at lower temperatures

– Very effective

Unpacking the Cosori air fryer

So, let us come down to business. We are thrilled at this unboxing greater than we usually are because we have never used this Cosori air fryer before. So, this is a bit of an eye opener for us but we have done our own research and we hope it won’t be a disappointment.

Well the bundle arrived in a solid brownish cardboard box. We still discover it unusual that they publish what’s in package because it appears a bit weird to us. However, it’s their choice to do it like that.

Inside the brownish box, you will discover the ‘genuine’ box  which resembles the Cosori pressure cooker box. The design is really consistent across the brand name.

We ought to possibly point out that we provided the Cosori pressure cooker an excellent rating. It was fantastic in every way. We’re actually hoping that the Cosori air fryer meets the high expectations.

Compared to the pressure cooker, the Air fryer boxing was not as significant. As a matter of fact, a little underwhelming. Simply put, it has couple of points in it of note … the air fryer, handbook, guarantee information and also a recipe publication.

Initial impressions of the Cosori air fryer – some more Cosori air fryer reviews

My impressions are great. It has a solid and durable feel to it. I truly like the distinctive surface area that it has, I have not seen that previously on a home appliance.

I like the shape of it also. I know it’s a rectangular shape but it does give of a contemporary minimalist ambiance. It will certainly be extremely comfortable in my kitchen.

Turning it on, it looks attractive. You can plainly see the style ethos that runs through Cosori’s items. Their pressure cooker was a really well made.

I want to take a while to run through the manual and discover just how it works correctly. Already, I can see that it has a preheat feature as you would certainly see in a stove. This requires to be investigated even more.

The Cosori air fryer recipes book looks great with some great images in it. They have invested time and effort on this. I always like to prepare a few things from the culinary books as it after that sets a benchmark for anything you prepare in the future and it’s very great to have a book with Cosori air fryer recipes.

Once I am familiar with the Cosori air fryer a little better, I will certainly offer you my point of view and do a few food tests to review the top quality of the food preparation.

As for the first impacts, I like what I see.

P.S. the guidelines inform you that you need to wash the basket in soapy water before you prepare anything in it.

In-depth review of the Cosori Air Fryer

So, after taking some time to learn more about this new air fryer, I am ready to provide you my judgment. I will begin talking about the body and also the building, and afterwards take into consideration the functions that it has.

I will certainly after that prepare a couple of things from Cosori recipes with the help of this device and reveal you the details. Pictures don’t always provide you the very best perception so I will certainly let you understand exactly how they cooked.

Based on all this, I will give you my thoughts on it later. Is it something that you should consider getting? Is it good value and if there are any kind of competitors I need to take into consideration looking at.

Allow the in-depth evaluation begin!


This Cosori air fryer utilizes 360-degree air circulation technology. It requires so little oil, typically simply a tablespoon. This replicates the food preparation of deep-fried food without all the drawbacks. Air fried food typically has up to 75% less calories and it is perfect!

Build high quality

I believed the build quality was superb. Every little thing was where it should be and also the little design aspects looked great. Whatever was sized properly and typically, made quite possibly.

Do I anticipate this to last? Based upon what I can see, the answer is yes. It has a robustness about it which suggests it probably will last substantial usage. Obviously, that is only based on what I can touch and also really feel, I’m afraid the internal stuff is out of my hands.

Taking a look at the Cosori air fryer, the pull-out tray is big, a lot bigger than I anticipated.

The pull-out tray is robust and also covered in a non-stick finishing. It can be found in two components, a strong base as well as the basket, which has the deal with affixed to it.

It has fairly a nifty safety and security attribute on there which quits the two dividing accidentally. You don’t desire these splitting up when you are walking with it. You require to flick a catch at the top of the handle in order to access the button that divides them. This is extremely well designed.

The latch that holds the base and the basket with each other is steel. This is excellent as I suspect this component would certainly fail faster instead of later on if it was made from plastic.

Something I did note was that when cooking took place and also the device was warm, the basket practically touched the top of the port. Not nearly enough where it stopped it entering, yet enough to catch it ever before so a little. Maybe this is simply my version however it is something to watch out for.


Front control panel and features

The control board of the Cosori air fryer looks great. It is truly well created and the blue color that it lights up with is very appealing.

As far as working the fryer, it is really instinctive. Let me begin by mentioning the preheat function. It is unique to the Cosori and I am sure various other producers are going to take it into account. It actually does make a distinction with how your food looks in the end of preparation. Let me describe, without it, it is similar to putting something in the oven without warming the stove up initially. Believe me when I state that the preheat feature is superb.

In terms of functioning the Cosori air fryer, when you have actually set the temperature level simply press begin. This is the warmth that the preheating creates. When pre-heating is complete, you will certainly listen to 3 beeps. Time to put the food in.

Now, all you require to do is select a predetermined. This is when you placed the food into the air fryer. To start it, you just require to press the preset again. It truly is that straightforward.

A few of the preset functions consist of, vegetables, origin veggies, French fries, breads and also desserts.

If you do not intend to use the preset feature, you can do it manually. Press temp time once to readjust the temperature level with the plus and also minus buttons. Just push the temp time switch again to alter the cooking time.

The shake reminder is one more excellent function that basically indicates that your food is prepared as well as it can. Half way through many presets, the Cosori air fryer beeps 5 times primarily telling you it is time to try or turn your food.

When food preparation is over, it beeps three times. If you are not quite all set to consume the food, it has a keep warm function which can maintain the food warm for 60 minutes … clearly I would not recommend that as there is a danger it can dry out your food.

Cosori Air fryers cooking results

I selected a couple of things in order to test the Cosori air fryer. First up were some lamb meatballs complied with some breaded mozzarella. In both instances, I made use of the preset buttons and in both situations, the food was cooked completely and perfectly.

I’m truly shocked just how effective the food preparation is, but I’m even more shocked how hassle free it is than it seems to be. You can see below just how fantastic the food looks. (тут как будто бы фотки еды, если фото не надо, убери это предложение)

Truly, I cannot wait to examine the full capability of this little device.

Some more points I uncovered are the frozen food mode. I didn’t see such a function on any other air fryer and it cooks frozen food at 350f for 10 minutes and it has a special button for that.

Considering that not so many people are getting this for frozen food, but having an air fryer that manages it well is wonderful.

The result we have are also fantastic because the food seems to be just out of an oven.


One of the very best features of this air fryer is the price. It is considerably more affordable than a few of the more famous such as Philips. Given the amount of tasks that you can do in this and then factor in the health and wellness advantages of using it, from my point of view it worth the cash.

As for me, I’m a huge fan of Dutch ovens and I generally utilize those but I can see lots of a household using this on a daily basis. In which instance, it is a no brainer. You should most definitely have an air fryer, even if you don’t pick this one.


How does the Cosori air fryer make me really feel?

You might assume that this section is quite weird yet here goes. I like to let viewers understand exactly how it made me really feel … I’m essentially explaining the emotion of using this air fryer.

Originally I was rather cynical as the insurance claims made are rather bold. Having actually never utilized an air fryer, I could not see how this can ever before live up to the assumptions. Having used it a few times now, it makes me really feel tranquil. It is the consistency of the outcomes that does it and it cooks quickly, so I am much less stressed out when I have hungry youngsters breaking down around me.

Final note

My first suspicion was changed by a wonder … the Cosori air fryer is, without doubts, a wonderful equipment. Not only does it look attractive, it consistently astonishes me. I examine many items as well as I buy my very own to do that. I do not get sent any by any producer. I obviously cannot keep every one of them so I sell them once my review is complete. Commonly to family or friends, sometimes online. The Cosori air fryer is a very good option for you! In our next review there will be instant pot vs air fryer and you shouldn’t miss it!





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